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True North is a music producer and artist from Vancouver, Canada. True started learning to play the piano at just 7 years old. He originally wanted to play the guitar, but his mother told him to learn the piano first to understand the theory behind music and then study guitar later. He never switched. True North studied classical music, performed for crowds up to 200 people at just 11 years old, and was part of the Royal Conservatory of Music. While True was learning music from a young age his passion lied in filmmaking. He would create short films with his family and friends and then sell them to his relatives back in Winnipeg. He taught himself how to act, direct, produce, and edit off of the internet. As he entered high school this passion was left on the shelf as he got distracted and taken away from it. 

His brother was always listening to hip hop and rap around him. True never knew any of the songs and artists and would always brush it off. However, one day after his brother kept constantly bombarding him with new music, True decided to give it a listen. He was instantly in love. This music lit a new fire for True and it soon became an obsession. He would often sleep wearing headphones while listening to the same songs on repeat and today listens to hours of music ritualistically. This new love for music soon led to the need to create it. Just as he taught himself to create short films, True taught himself how to produce music. He started with GarageBand and mastered it over a couple years. 

Today he uses Logic Pro X where he specializes in music production for artists, films, and aspiring musicians. 

While still living in Vancouver, he does live much of the year in Waterloo, Ontario, just outside Toronto, where there he studies at the University of Waterloo. 




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